Bespoke Engineering Project Management for Melbourne and Adelaide

Creating an efficient, cost effective and compliant food or beverage factory takes a significant amount of experience, knowledge and proper planning.  The technical details of the machinery and equipment need to be correct, the layout should be intuitive and assist work flow, and you need to know the legislation, standards and codes of practice well.  . To ensure a successful project, you also need to take care of the project logistics: creating feasible budgets, engaging the right contractors and ensuring your project is scheduled effectively to minimise costs, and then ensuring everything is delivered on time, on budget and as agreed.


Project budgeting, cost tracking and reporting

There is more to planning the financial side of projects than first meets the eye. While most people anticipate the big ticket items such as machinery and contractors, the less-visible items can also play a significant part in the overall project budget. By using effective project management services you can utilise the knowledge of professionals who can look at your project design and anticipate where your hidden costs may arise. Our project managers assist in initial budgeting and support you further with ongoing cost tracking and reporting so you know exactly where your money is going and can plan accordingly.


Project timing, scheduling and reporting

When it comes to projects being delivered on time, nothing is more important than accurate and detailed time management.

You can save a significant amount of time and money by planning equipment arrivals and staging, contract labour workloads and interactions between existing production schedules and services cut-ins.  You may be surprised, but even replacing just a single machine like a high-speed filler or packaging machine can involve 40-50 external people when you consider transport, mechanical and electrical contractors, inspection and certifying bodies, project managers and drafters.


Capital proposals, including payback modelling

Our experienced project management consultants are well versed in creating thorough, well developed capital proposals with feasible payback modelling to help you procure the funding your project needs to get off the ground.


Tender documents, evaluation and contracts

Creating successful tender documents is vital when applying for processing or project contracts, and our team can assist in not only your initial document development, but also ongoing tender evaluation and contract assessment.


Talk to the professionals for smooth project management

Bright Engineering Consultants work across projects throughout Adelaide and Melbourne and provide a wide range of services in addition to project management. If you have an upcoming project that could benefit from project management, or would like some assistance on improving a current project, contact our team at or call 03 8400 4481 or 08 7100 1122.