Food and Beverage Design Consultant

Bright is an engineering consultancy with significant experience in food and beverage process design and project management. We draw upon this experience and our connections throughout the food and beverage industries to simplify processes and allow for effective cost estimations and time planning.

With our design projects, our consultants work closely with clients to ensure results are tailored toward each particular circumstance, as we have found that this allows for much more efficient management of these projects. This information exchange has allowed us to gain valuable experience in this industry; knowledge that we apply in all of our projects.


Discover Our Food Process Design Services

Bright has developed a suite of design services intended to develop the most effective food process design possible. These include:

  • Investigation (process discovery)
  • Process design
  • Mass Balances
  • Energy Balances
  • Pipework design
  • P&ID creation
  • Process control
  • Mixing and dosing
  • CIP
  • Dangerous Goods Stores

These services have been developed as a result of years of industry experience, and we believe our knowledge is made very clear in the excellent results we produce for our clients.

Our other services include food process engineering, quality and safety guidance, and much more. From start to finish, we work with you and provide advice, support and if required, complete project management.


Get in touch with a food process engineering consultant

If you have any enquiries for us related to our design process, or any other aspect of food and beverage project management, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to clarify any questions you have, and can give you a better idea regarding what we can do for your particular situation.

To make an appointment with a Bright engineering consultant, simply send your enquiry through to our email address at Alternatively, phone us on (03) 8400 4481 (Victoria) or (08) 7100 1122 (South Australia).